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Mascot Ability
Willward was featured as a mascot for the wiki on February 7, 2021.


"One must experience fear, pain, tragedy, and loss to experience life's true beauty wouldn't you agree?" - Kidgold (Kiddogōrudo, キッドゴールド)


The ability to create illusions that provoke fear in its victim. It also acts as a support and comfort stand to the user and plays a role of being a adult figure in kidgold's life serving him tea and food along with caring for his user on a personal level while being sentient and willing to disagree with some of kidgold's actions the stand is a gentlemen and loyal to the end.


Appears to be a butler with no face other than a smile. It's the entire head, face, hair, and skin is cold black abyss It wears a purple suit and fancy pair of pants.


Passive Abilities

Haphephobia: anything Willward touches or summons can have the same effect as the fear bubble, so if Willward touched Kidgold's gun and shot someone, then they would experience Willward's effects

Fear Abilities

Trypophobia: Causes Sheer Fear, Anxiety, Paranoia, Depression, Insanity, and more this of course is an illusion not controlled by me or willward it is a strong illusion but can be broken out of and some people can even be immune to the effects mentally unstable people usually are better victims to this, the range of this takes the place of a bubble 10 meters in every direction from the stand

Aichmophobia: Throws 3 knives doing good damage these being touched by willward invoke his fear properties.

Support Abilities

Cibophobia-Kidgold can summon anything from food to guns to medicine anything that can be served on a serving tray or silver platter. (a normal one not an oversized one)

Diokophobia: Willward is trained in most fighting styles, and so can fight while his master sits back and watches. Consider this a pilot mode of sorts. has limited range of a few meters tho

Epiplaphobia: Willward Summons a nice, comfy recliner chair for Kidgold to sit in, fit with chargers, and places to store stuff. If Kidgold puts something in it and goes away, he can easily have Willward summon the chair again and it will still be there. Kidgold uses this chair to watch as his enemies suffer.

Megalophobia: Summons a giant plate to block attacks but can be broken by strong attacks

Agyrophobia: Summons a giant dome to blocks attacks but can be broken by strong attacks.

Pose Music



  • The cover art was made by Tiothefan.
  • This stand was based off a old OC of kidgold's named purple hoodie.
  • In the Spakster vs. Kidgold story, Willward is shown using a barrage of punches. This may or may not be canon.
  • Willward is most known by the community for it's massive amount of reworks.
  • Willward was planned to have a knight-like evolution. It's unknown if this idea was scrapped or not.
  • Willward is the first mascot of the ABD Fanon Wiki.