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"Getting stuck in an endless loop where you relive your past and your worst fears sucks, right? - MaximusTheBlueWolf (Makishimasuzaburūurufu, マキシマスザブルーウルフ)


memory loop/memory torture


Wild Slasher: Rouge Night Stereo has a purple neon look.


Wild Slasher Requiem has the ability to build a fake world around his enemy by searching through his memories and then recreating them again and continue till they repeat the memory track again, the older the person is the longer the each scenario will be, the memory loop can't be stopped once the enemy enters Wild Slasher Requiem's range which is most likely around 20 or 30 meters. If the enemy somehow escapes the loop he will fall in an endless void where Wild Slasher Requiem will beat them up forever till they can no longer think, Wild Slasher Requiem can deactivate the loop if he wants and just proceed to beat them up.

Wild Slasher Requiem seems to also keep the same abilities as WS before his evolution which is really helpful during combat.