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"Patriotism is quite honorable, however what happens when those around you become obsessed and just because they want a free world they betray you? No doubt a pain in the ass. - Jordan Miller (Jōdanmirā, ジョーダンミラー)


Wild Slasher: Silver Star is the original version of Wild Slasher who spent his days in the independence of Venezuela and in the French Revolution for a while. The abilities of this Wild Slasher are not the same as the others since it has a different user before to pass his essence to another user. In this case the user managed to learn the Hamon technique, however this ability was not very helpful during the war due to the number of enemies and their condition at the time, however, one day he managed to wake up his Stand when he was cornered in the battle of Carabobo in Venezuela, his stand stopped time for approximately 2 seconds due to the user's need to buy time to be able to get his friend out of the combat zone.

Wild Slasher: Silver Star has the ability to drive Hamon through it and increase its strength and range, also by loading the Hamon more it can stop time for a longer period of time.


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