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"Looking for a fight? Well don't complain when you get one." - MaximusTheBlueWolf (Makishimasuzaburūurufu, マキシマスザブルーウルフ)


Wild slasher after achieving heaven, now it can break barriers of timelines. This is a non-canon variation of Wild Slasher.


it's wild slasher but brighter and golden with a white heavenly glow to it.


Wild Slasher: Over Heaven has the ability to create anything around him by breaking part of the barrier of the timelines to bring objects or materials from other universes or dimensions with no known limit. This makes him a dangerous adversary considering the power with which can use its ability being between 50 and 100 times more powerful than the original Wild Slasher, its ability to stop time will also be considerably increased, reaching between 2 minutes until currently calculated 3 hours but this number can increase if it is taken to conduct more studies.