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“With Widow's Wine? You're mine.” - Elena Siegman


Who's Who: Widow's Wine is an evolution to the stand Who's Who, first manifested through intense emotional damage. Retaining all of it's original abilities, while having some new ones.

This form can be manually manifested by the user by calming themself, to a point the stand will move and interact on it's own. It's unknown if this is the only form Who's Who can utilize other than it's base form. Continue to observe.


Who's Who: Widow's Wine takes the form of a robotic humanoid with a "PLASMA MK2" TV for a head. There is no company on record for the creation of the head.

Who's Who: Widow's Wine wears a jet black suit with black gloves, a neon red bow, and a black vest with red stars. A red glow comes from underneath the suit's sleeves, perhaps hinting at a hidden power below the surface.


"Who's Who?"

Who's Who: Widow's Wine retains all previous abilities it's base form has.

Negative Aura

Who's Who: Widow's Wine uses it's energy to create a deadly aura around itself, slowing and weighing down anyone nearby. This aura will fatigue anyone within a 12 feet radius.

Spider Shield

Who's Who: Widow's Wine creates a extremely thin shield around itself and it's user composed of small black widow spiders. This blocks most incoming attacks, and can be used to trap an opponent.

Spider Minions

Who's Who: Widow's Wine utilizes it's black widows to manipulate objects or use them as "cameras".