“I was talking to myself just the other day, I was hearin' lots of things I never thought I'd say, but one thing I said really blew my mind.. Who's Who?” - Craig Houston


Who's Who is a stand without a user, with a possibly infinite effective range.


Who's Who takes the form of a robotic humanoid with a "PLASMA MK2" TV for a head. There is no company known for the model of the head.

Who's Who wears a sometimes dark, sometimes light blue suit with white or sometimes black gloves, a neon purple bow, and a black vest.

For some reason Who's Who can control it's eye color, usually it appears black, or neon purple. This does nothing combat-wise.



The stand has the ability to disguise itself as the user, or any target that the stand chooses. Disguises also mimic the voice of the target.

"I think I will save you, I think I don't blame you.."

Who's Who can take damage off of a person and put it on itself. Reverse Damage Reflection.

"What you are witnessing..is it an illusion? Or is it truth? Find out yourself."

Who's Who can create illusions to make people hallucinate, and also teleport.

True Observation

Who's Who wishes to only observe this world of stand users and mystical beings, to support this, if standing still, Who's Who can go invisible for a period of time. This can ONLY be done when they are fully still. Moving disables the invisiblity.


  • This Stand's musical reference is The Who's Who Perk Jingle.
  • This Stand does not possess a Stand Cry.
  • Who's Who had a scrapped evolution, "Widow's Wine", it had abilities relating to black widow spiders.
  • Who's Who has 2 different color schemes, one being the icon, light blue, while the other is darker.
  • Who's Who is very good at combat with butterfly knives.
  • The TV head is actually functional. It can run videos in 4K.(caught in 4K, you thought you were slick lol)
  • Who's Who doesn't use guns.
  • Who's Who, as a model, has gone through 6 different models, 10, if you include the prototypes.
  • This stand was created with the intention of being weaker than a majority. Since y'know, most stands and specs here are just overpowered or just unoriginal.
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