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"This is the end." - Void Spider (Boidosupaidā, ボイドスパイダー)


Void Spider is a spider stand that uses poison and webs for it's ability.


Void Spider is a black spider with dark horns and dark claws. It has 6 spider legs.


Slash Barrage

Barrage your opponent with your claws.

Poison Slash

Slash your opponent with poisonous claws. The poison will spread into the enemy's body.

Web Trap

Spit a web at the opponent and they get stunned temporarily.

Web Pull

Spit a web at your opponent and pull them into towards you.

Poisonous Web

Spit a web at your opponent then inject poison into the webs.

Web Sling

Spit a web and pull yourself into the object you shot a web at.

Raging Web

Spit at web at the enemy and trap them, then throw them up into the air, and slam them.


  • This was requested by my brother, CoolLazerBoy710.