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-People I am thankful for-

toastp lease help i am trapped in a sex dungeon - yours truly, battle cats human

"Your mom lol"-Astolfo Gaming

Toast, you still owe me your soul - Tart❤

ProbablyChaotic kinda cool.

Pizza was here :)

Ze came here to leave a message saying "sus"

VampiricTwo was here

draco was here

kaiba wuz her

3Bread was here

NTWAU came here to say "you are epic, you deserve the choccy milk". Also I'm assuming the people listed here edited themselves onto here. Correct my confusion if I'm wrong.

Gabonnie (talk to me) 23:53, 5 May 2021 (UTC)

DareDareYaze was not here

Kira may or may not have visited, and may or may not disagree about being an epic person.

(Jakce's message was jakce'd by jakce)

Destructive has visted but forgot what he was doing here and now has left...maybe

I totally didn't add myself lol - Iammartyb

Swedish dairy consumer has visited this particular establishment.

extroonut wuz heer

plasma was here

EndyGamering came to visit Toast, hoping he's still a good friend.

vixen was here (real)

OMG SPAKSTER HERE?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!


Kidgold the stupid was here

-End of people I am thankful for-