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"placeholder" - MaximusTheBlueWolf (Makishimasuzaburūurufu, マキシマスザブルーウルフ)


Universal Cosmic Energy or also called UCE is the energy that revolves around us all the time, you can't see it but it is there. UCE is the visual manifestation of that, instead of being one single type of energy, UCE combines all types of energies which gives it the name Universal. All energies combined into one, this of course has an enormous amount of uses.





UCE by default has an enormous amount of power and this power can be used in order to evolve and develop new abilities within each day or in certain events. This also applies to past experiences or what the user needs deep in their heart, which allows the user to power up certain statistic more than others depending on what the user wants.


UCE is also an energy bridge that allows the user to link themself to other types of energy, of course this ability has a certain limit within the user's stamina and capacity, this ability is really useful to counter attacks or override certain moves or abilities by a certain extent of time.


UCE is really hard to control which explains why there are not many users capable of handling this type of energy (most of them die in horrific ways). If UCE manages to make a bonding between the power and the user, UCE will keep them alive as much as it can, this includes fatal wounds and other types of injuries.

Maximus Style

Plasma Bullets

Maximus learned this thanks to his new resolve on how to generate a ranged weapon made by pure energy and cause massive amounts of damage. This has the shape of a small bullet with a bit of sharpness on his top being not only explosive but also sharp which helps when the projectiles are not actually meant to explote but can cut the enemy pretty quickly, this move has a lot of combos and variations like:

  • Basic Bullet
  • Rapid fire
  • Sniper bullet
  • Shotgun style
  • Nullification bullet
  • Explosive Bullet
  • Auto Aimed bullet
  • Targeting Bullet
  • Equivalent Exchange bullet
  • Infinite Cosmic Energy

Power Up

UCE charges the user's body with energy which gives him a lot more strength, speed, power and durability including precision.

Energy Armor

UCE creates an invisible barrier around the user which grants him higher durability and prevents them from dying to proyectiles or powerful impacts.


If the user charges enough UCE they can use that power to fly by both making himself lighter or to counter gravity which in each case he can use UCE to propulse themself into the air, if the user has low UCE then he won't be able to fly.

Enhanced Senses

This ability works once the nullification bullet has been shot to the user which allows them to have better sight and much faster reflexes.


  • This ability can no longer be obtained by any other being, only Maximus can use it.
    • Kal is seen using it because of plot reasons.
  • This Spec is very reminiscent of the Spin, seen in Part 7, Steel Ball Run, the difference being that this ability is thousands of times stronger for no reason. In other words, it’s spin on steroids.
  • This spec has been reworked and doesn't fit jojo anymore due to the owner of this spec getting bored of jojo.