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"Fucking Christ, looks like I’m going to have to kill again..." - Calgary Toora


The Shard Creator is a stand capable of creating shards through it’s mouth, or it’s cannon. It is incapable of speech.


The stand’s main colors are blue, green, and red. It’s most notable is that it has no torso. It is held up by strong veins. As for the head, it only has one eye, and the mouth for the top. The mouth has the ability to regurgitate shards.


Shard Creation

Much like it’s name, it is capable of creating shards through it’s mouth. It can only create 10 however. The shards can be used in different ways, such as shield, or stabbing. The shards can only travel a certain distance before exploding.


The claws can be used for melee combat, and can scratch others.

Shard Cannon

It can shoot shards out, it can also shoot 3 shards each shot. However, they cannot make shards, or use their shards during this. Once they have shot over 30, it stops and needs to regenerate more shards.


It has special feel that can stick to the floor. This is very useful against fighting at areas that are high or windy.

The User

The User is an alternate universe of Calamity. It is a person lost within a void. They cannot leave the void (but the stand can).