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“What’s under the mask, you ask?” - The Omniscient Watcher (Zenchi u~otchā, 全知ウォッチャー)


The Omniscient watcher is the un-evolved form of Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnitceleritas. It is considered some of the most powerful base forms in the wiki. When stabbed with an arrow with a green neon gem (Pure Overseer’s Metal), it will evolve.


It has a similar appearance to Shadow the World in Heritage for the Future (Where it has no legs). It wears a mask covering an Overseer Eye. It’s right arm is cut off. The body displays a big splash of colors (Red, orange, blue, cyan). It also has overseer eyes around the body, It has spikes aswell. It wields a sword.


Passive 1: You think time can finish me?!

  • Able to move in time stop, not effected by TE (and see in TE), UR doesn't affect them, and is not affected by RTZ

Passive 2: You think you can counter me?

  • Able to bypass ALL counters

Passive 3: Quick Escape

  • This passive has a 25 seconds cool down. Before the user is hit, time will immediately stop for a brief 2 seconds, allowing to user to get away (but cannot attack in the stopped time).


OverSeer Eyes

The stand will go in front of the user, summon's a bunch of Overseer eyes, then fires the eyes. Each leaving a very big injury, and explodes on contact of anything with the size of KQ's bomb.

Block Gun

The user summons the infamous block gun, firing at high speeds. Anybody hit will be blown back at very high speeds. Their knock back will only be stopped until they hit something

Unmastered Epitaph

A weaker version of the Evolved Form’s Mastered Epitaph, reality powers can bypass. However things like Over Heavens or Requiems cannot bypass.


The stand punches the ground sending out a shock wave making everybody get stunned for 5 seconds in the distance of 50 studs

Health Heal

The stand will circle around the user, healing them of their injuries.

The Wrath of the Heavens

The stand pulls out their sword, swinging it summoning 100 stars in front of the player.

Time Stop

The stand stops time, but only works within a 50 meter radius.

Hole in stomach (While Timestop)

The user does an animation, then using their arm in a stab like manner in the stomach of the enemy. (It's a donut), anybody hit is instantly killed. When using this, you will say "Fate, is a friend of mine"

Blinding light

The stand takes off their mask, reveals their overseer eye (on their face) leaves off a blinding light that will:

  • Slowly drain life
  • Slow you down
  • Blinding (10 seconds)

Sword Jump

The user and the stand do a regular stand jump, but as they’re jumping, the stand will pull their sword in front of them, meaning anyone in front of them will get stabbed.


  • The appearance was based of Shadow Dio from Heritage for the Future
  • The name is based of the “Souls of Sight” description from Terraria.