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The Key To All We Know is a Stand which is represented in a key made out of memories that are represented by photos, with the ability to make extra objects out of memories that aren’t already in use and enter into people’s memories.

The name is often shortened to The Key and/or TK.


The Key is a key made out of paper photos.


Memory Gathering

To make the key, the user will have to gather it’s own memories across a time frame of an hour, with the memories being represented in photos, with the memory making a paper mache like key, with the importance of the memories affecting the memory’s power, with a more powerful memory being able to make the key need less memories by being a larger photo.

Marking and Opening

To use the key’s ability the user will have to mark someone with it’s finger, with the mark being represented in a large keyhole in the marked person’s head, and after the person is marked, the user will have to insert the key into the keyhole and turn the key to activate it’s third ability, but the mental fortitude of the person will make the turning of the key harder.

Memory Entering

After the user has entered the entered’s memories, the user will need to choose memory of a location where the entered has been, where they user and the entered may fight, but the user is able to take objects from the memory and turn them into more photos to use.

Object Making

After the key is done being built, the user can use remaining photos to create objects.