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"I'm so tired, tired of being reincarnated just to complete the same stupid cycle. That's why I will stop it here "' - Riena (Riena, リエナ)


The God That Failed is the stand manifested by Riena Blink one of the alternate universe reincarnation and equivalents to Tart.


The stand has a humanoid appearance similar to that of a Ghost with the bottom of the stand being completely missing and replaced with a subtances that resembles Flames. The stand has long white hair and wearing a pitch white shirt resembling a turtle neck with two black lines going down by the shoulder. It shares the same facial features as the user.


Absorption Replica

The stand can absorb any material or energy and replicate their properties within themselves. Said properties may then be encoded for later use and potential combinations, The stand can also take the Absorbed Material and give that properties to the User for example absorbing stone would simply turn the Users skin rock hard and absorbing light would temporarily make the User intangible. This ability is activated upon touch or consumption of the said object.(Once touched the property is forever stored until use)

White Blank Page

White Blank Page is a sub-ability activated when the user would consume to much energy at once, when this activates the stands appearance changes drastically with white wings appearing on it's back, it's hair turning into a light blonde and it's body turning to that of a older woman. When this ability is activated the stand is able to manipulate existing energy's without need for contact increasing heat, cold and many others. The drawback from this though is the user has no control over the stand at this time and after use it leaves them in comma like state being not being the very ideal stakes for combat.


  • Once due to a joke comment about the stands appearance resembling Bete Noire from the Glitchtale series, Tart created a recolor design of Bete as the stand. That art is right now seems to be just lost in time.
  • Apparently the stand refuses to eat Sand and only sand for some strange reason.