"We'll have a lawsuit soon." - Gabonnie (Gabonī, ガボニー)


kidgold's job to add


Taxman: Alternate Universe appears to wear a business suit. It also has cash for the head. It wields a gun.


Secret Fund

Taxman: Alternate Universe is able to teleports money from his black market store, he is able to hire soldiers, hitmen and many things to help him in battle instantly.

Double Trouble

Taxman: Alternate Universe can act as a human that anybody can see (including non-stand users). This will also let Taxman: Alternate Universe to become a seperate creature that can think, move, basically do anything it wants.

Gabonnie, the user, can stop it from seperating at any time.


  • Anything that Taxman: Alternate Universe bought/hire will teleports to him instantly.
  • Taxman: Alternate Universe's old model is an edited version of ABD's TWAU.
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