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"You think you can kill me? I'm already dead hundredfold, I am death itself!" -


Soul Matter, is the power gained by Matt after meeting Death itself over a hundred times, being a soldier cyborg of war more mechanized each time. They make a deal to get souls for power and creation. No longer human, robot, or undead, this creature lives to consume the world.


Soul Matter has a green glow to his much more durable but rusty looking suit, as well as Zodiac's weapons. A green gas emanates from his mask covering what could be the face.


Matter Creation

The ability to generate at minimum guaranteed 1 cubic meter of self matter per second via ultra fast cell division for multiple offensive purposes like projectiles or weaponry or massive regeneration. More lifeforce will augment the speed.

Synthetic Matter

The ability to make your matter from the hardest, most durable or fused molecule you have.

Soul Absorption

The ability to drain and assimilate lifeforce from other alive beings to fuel the user's own power.


The potential to unlock 2 more forms with enough energy or enough mastery...

Malleable Matter

Matter can be altered in shape and sizes very rapidly and from anything still connected. Matter that has been remove or sliced away can still be used but to a lesser extent.


  • Soul Matter is considered stronger to Cryopyre and Bleedburne, that's why a fusion was needed.
  • SS has 2 forms and a technical one where you absorb the strongest material.
  • Matt is the final antagonist of Nitro's universe although appearing early-on.