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“It's quite straight forward” - Danny


Solus is the fusion of TNBFV's D4C and LongLimbedIggy's Solus Act 1. It is used by the fusion of the previously mentioned users, who goes by the name of Danny. As the stand is a fusion, it gains a fused version of the ability.


As Solus is fusion of two stands, it has features from both. It keeps the horns, shoulders, mask, chest piece, mouth, and humanoid body of D4C, while having the color scheme, eye(s), pelvis piece (as leg portion), leg (as design), chest design, eye patterns, neck rhombus, wings (as design) and chains (as design) from Solus Act 1-3. It's mouth opens wide and is full of sharp teeth, a feature from neither of the stands.


Damage Cloning

Solus's main ability is to clone damage from one object to another. Cuts, cracks, burns, frostbite, broken bones, melted objects, etc, from anything can be put onto anything. Solus must be able to "grab" the damage from an object in order to clone it. Even if Solus knows where the damage is or can see the damage, it cannot be cloned if it's blocked by something. Just like how Solus can only clone damage that it can grab, it can only paste the damage on objects not blocked by anything.

The damage cloned by Solus can also be cloned by Solus, meaning that Solus can easily kill someone by cloning cloning a basic wound onto a person over and over. Solus cannot clone all damage, specially large amounts of damage and certain infections, viruses, and disease. The most damage it can clone is the area of a 1/2ft diameter sphere, and if the virus doesn't destroy anything about the person then there will be no damage to clone (not that it matters too much because Solus would need to grab the damage).


  • The abilities that make up Solus's new ability are D4C's cloning ability and Solus Act 1's damage multiplier.
  • Solus's name is not based on a song, rather it is simply just a fusion of the latin word for sun (solis) and the suffix us (meaning full of/consisting of). It also makes the world solus, which has nothing to do with the stand.
  • Danny's name is based on Jonathan Joestar's dog Danny, as LongLimbedIggy is based on the character Iggy, who if you couldn't possibly guess, is a dog.