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"You think you know POWER?!~" - Spray before setting everything on fire


Solar Deity of Inferno centers in crowd control and medium range combat, sacrificing speed for power. It's main ability is that it can produce stars with the user's energy and provide a shield against projectiles.

Having multiple stars buffs the Firewall and Heat passive, aswell as it allows the user to stack or use different attacks at the same time.


There is no defined appearance as Solar Deity of Inferno can manifest in different sizes and colors (Blue, Yellow, Red and Orange) the colors vary on the size and power of the star.


Note: These are some of the many abilities that can be performed by Solar Deity of Inferno, the stand is not restricted to only these abilities.

Passive Name Description
Passive 1
All of Solar Deity of Inferno attacks emit heat, around 20 °C to 1.5e+7 °C max (reaching 1.5e+7 °C is technically impossible).
Passive 2
The user is immune to high temperatures.
Passive 3
Weak projectiles will burn to ashes in a 1 meter radious from the user.

Name Description
Creeping Sun
Spray smashes Solar Deity of Inferno against the ground, desintegrating anything that comes in contact.
Panic Flash
Solar Deity of Inferno shines extremely bright, enough to give severe eye damage just by looking at it.
Star Casket
Spray grabs his opponent and encases them in a star, melting the enemy then imploding.
Flare Swarm
A swarm of mini flares comes out of the current star(s)/ Spray summons a small swarm of mini flares, exploding on impact.
Abyss Nova
Spray gathers the energy of the current star(s) and compresses it as much as possible to release it in an explosion of about 60~ meters long, dealing massive damage, after the explosion, Spray will be left weakened without being able to move aswell as severe tinnitus. (this attack has an 8 second charge up)
Heat Pulse
Spray sends a hot heat wave from the current star(s), flammable things such as clothing getting set on fire instantly.
Star Bullet
Spray quickly summons a small star and punches it, sending the star at high speeds, exploding on impact.


  • The durability is actually Spray's durability.
  • Non-stand users can see this stand too.
  • Spray belongs to a "terrorist" group called the Serpent's Hand, their main goal is to reveal goverment secrets to the public, i.e anomalies such as stand users.
  • Solar Deity of Inferno cannot be used under -7°C.