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"Behold! The world's most powerful destructive force! kyahaha!~" - Spray before setting everything on fire


Solar Deity of Inferno is Spray's main ability (aside from sniping), capable of incinerating anything.. at the cost of range, SDOI is a short ranged stand which can create stars using the user's energy. While it can seem powerful, Spray is too dumb to use it to its max potential.

Having multiple stars buffs the Blast Shield and Heat passive, aswell as it allows the user to stack or use different attacks at the same time.


There is no defined appearance as Solar Deity of Inferno can manifest in different sizes and colors (Blue, Yellow, Red and Orange) the colors vary on the size and power of the star.


Note: These are some of the many abilities that can be performed by Solar Deity of Inferno, the stand is not restricted to only these abilities.

Passive Name Description
Passive 1
All of Solar Deity of Inferno attacks emit heat (around 20 °C to 1.5e+7 °C max).
Passive 2
The user is immune to high temperatures.
Passive 3
Blast Shield
Any weak projectiles that come within a 1m radius from the user will burn to ashes (low caliber bullets/arrows/darts/etc).

Name Description
Creeping Sun
The user smashes Solar Deity of Inferno against the ground, burning everything on its range and instantly evaporizing whatever was smashed by it.
At the speed of light!~
Solar Deity of Inferno starts to shine brighter and brighter, after 5 seconds have passed, in a snap, "Solar Deity of Inferno" becomes extremely bright, enough to give you severe eye damage just by looking at it.
Star Casket
The user grabs his opponent and encases them in a small star, melting the enemy then imploding from inside out. (Note: This attack can only be used in extremely close range)
Flare Swarm
A big swarm of mini flares comes out of Solar Deity of Inferno to where the user aims them, exploding on impact.
The user increases the mass of Solar Deity of Inferno above its maximum making it unstable, Solar Deity of Inferno proceeds to liberate all of its mass in a large explosion, a supernova (not actually as powerful as one) with an enourmus range, burning everything and destroying anything on its range (W-76 Thermonuclear Bomb range), this attack is only used as a last resource/panic attack, the user will NOT die from this, instead it will be left incredibly weakened without being able to move. (this attack has a 10 second charge up)
The user aims his hand and a chain of big explosions start, desintegrating anything that was inside the chain. This attack leaves the user vulnerable as it locks them on place (lasts 7 seconds).


  • It is currently unknown how Spray got this stand.
  • All of Solar Deity of Inferno attacks have AOE.
  • Spray is too dumb to know how to correctly use Solar Deity of Inferno, therefore she can be easily outsmarted.
  • Solar Deity of Inferno cannot be used under -15°C.