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"Sometimes, I look at the sky and think, 'What led me here?'. Then I realize that I've caused a ton of destruction so I'll go do something else." - Toast (Tōsuto, トースト)


Shot in The Dark has a personality. She's a very curious stand, seeing as how she likes to poke and prod objects, and thinks to herself when not in combat. It offers ideas to the stand user during combat, and has a habit of chewing the tips of its fingers and making finger guns. It likes Rock, Alternative and Indie music, and has its own headphones around its neck. She can't talk, but can mentally talk with her user and a select few that have the mental capacity to understand her. She clicks and whirrs when she's curious, and wheezes and plays high-pitched noises when angered or upset. The user might find her annoying, but the stand doesn't mean any harm. It doesn't like to use a stand rush, rather employing traps such as barbed wire and well-placed knives.


A maroon and steel-colored stand. Has a slight T face design, and she has a wavy metal hair-like thing at the top of her head, akin to wavy hair. It's always flowing. It has a blue reactor core in her chest. Normally, the core is gray, signifying that it's resting or hanging out. The core changes colors depending on the Power that is chosen during battles. Often times, it glows red for combat reasons.


Density Manipulation

Using this ability, Shot in the Dark will be able to make a material more or less dense by altering how thickly and tightly packed its molecules are. When a material is made more dense, the object it forms will become heavier and will also become more hard-wearing and harder to damage or break. When used on a person's skin, it can resemble impenetrable skin. When a material is made less dense, it becomes lighter. If done strongly enough, it can enable something to be phased through, or even completely disperse the material.


  • This is akin to THE WORLD (Alternate Universe) from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run.
  • This Stand was originally using a roulette wheel ability.
  • In the original design, Shot in the Dark had headphones around her neck. This was removed due to not adding anything relating to the ability.
  • The Stand's original name was Ride On, another reference to AC/DC's hit single, Ride On. This was changed when the creator of the Stand, Toast, found out about their 2020 debut album, Power Up, which included a pre-release single titled Shot in the Dark.
  • The roulette idea was scrapped in favor of a more unique idea, Meta Ability Creation. In which case, the ability is deemed too strong for the Stand, and now it has it's actually decent with it's new ability: Density Manipulation.