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"You thought you could break me, break my bond with my user, but our resonance is stronger than anything you will ever see! Thanks to you, our determination has risen to unachievable heights!" - Discord Nitro"


A humanoid stand with multiple bladed shapes around it surrounded by a fluctuating-colored aura.


The Burst Lock System

Most damage is transferred to the lock system of the stand, stat of durability controls how many clicks it can have, from 3, 5 or 7. It still takes and transfers more heavy damage to the user normally, but will tank a lot of smaller hits. When it loses all its clicks, it gets split into three and will take 1 minute to regenerate or change modes.


The more the user synergizes and lives with its stand during combat, the higher the stats are boosted, modifying both of their appearances. Depending on the positivity, negativity or combination of their emotions, it will vary between Light-Flux, Dark-Flux, Superior-Flux, Rainbow-Flux in order of power and the evolved form has its own name: Flare. (big plot armor giver in the anime). There is no limit to this boost’s potential.


Elemental Channeling

User can choose between 8 elements (see above) that boost and reduce certain stats to combine with their gyration for more damage or speed or durability or etc. Combining 2 compatible elements is possible, but any more than that needs a huge amount of Flare.

Gyration Spin-Stand

Can spin at at least 10000 RPM, can be boosted into a possible 100000 with relavistic speeds at max potential.

Hybrid Bolt Reboot

When the spin starts slowing, the tip of SR retracts and reveals a much smoother path that greatly increases speeds and changes to a counterclockwise spin, usually paired with lightning or wind.

Infinite Stoppers

SR can activate thick blades that protrude from the 2 weak spots that glow when the stand can be bursted after a certain amount of damage, these blades increase offense while also being super hard to push back in order to even have a chance at destroying Hyper Flare.

Aerial Meteors