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Shooting Ripper has the ability to gyrate at immense speeds, usually ranging from 5000 to 10000 RPM without power boosts. It also takes most minor damage through its click system and has 3 modes the user must select beforehand that can only be changed after the stand bursts.

Each mode possesses abilities of their own, and the more the user can feel and synchronize with their bey the more overall strength of the stand improves.


The Burst Lock System

Most damage is transferred to the lock system of the stand, stat of durability controls how many clicks it can have, from 3, 5 or 7. It still takes and transfers more heavy damage to the user normally, but will tank a lot of smaller hits. When it loses all its clicks, it gets split into three and will take 1 minute to regenerate or change modes.

The 3 Characteristics of Spinning Tops

Stand has three modes that make the stats and abilities that can be used varied. Attack mode gives the stand smaller, bigger and a big blade on it with a lighter body. Defense mode gives flatter shield like armor on it with a heavier body. Stamina mode has a bit of both with most weight concentrated on the outside and an aerodynamic shape, spinning the fastest and creating the most wind.


The more the user synergizes and lives with its stand during combat, the higher the stats are boosted, modifying both of their appearances. Depending on the positivity, negativity or combination of their emotions, it will vary between Light-Flux, Dark-Flux, Superior-Flux, Rainbow-Flux in order of power and the evolved form has its own name: Flare. (big plot armor giver in the anime). There is no limit to this boost’s potential.


Deca Saber

All the blades shift to a single area, creating imbalance and momentum before SR delivers a powerful blow to the opponent.

Bound Breaker

The stand adopts a spring like rubber body as it hits the opponent with a motion attack, works especially with a weaker spin but creates more recoil and risk.

Variant Wall

Stand stabilizes in place and creates a barrier of multiple protruding tongue like blades that protect the stand from being really damaged and pushing back the opponent.

Dread Armor

After 2 clicks, RS releases a body of armor as it becomes much lighter, this piece can be used by the stand as a projectile in multiple ways.

Glide Storm

Stand creates an area of air around it, greatly maintaining its velocity while increasing the momentum and power of its attacks.

Draining Spin

Stand becomes equipped with rubber, but this time attacks fuel its spin speed while absorbing most attacks into its own momentum.

Feather Flyer

Stand flies up into the air with its spin, before picking up speed and crashing down into the ground like a meteor, dealing massive damage.

(Note these abilities are enhanced by passive 3 to be much more powerful than expected).


  • This Stand is a reference to the Beyblade Burst anime.
  • Its Stand cry is "Inkei Inkei Inkei!"