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"The tip of the sword creates many possibilities of your death." -


Segregation Swordsmanship, aka Acidic Weaponry is the power gained by Zodiac, a fallen murderer in the depth of the seas bound to his suit until a bath of acid from an unknown source dumped him and his weapons he found in the shipwreck before he died (enchanted ones), reviving his spirit in the suit.


Segregation Swordsmanship has a green glow to his much more durable but rusty looking suit, as well as Zodiac's weapons. A green gas emanates from his mask covering what could be the face.


Acid Manipulation

The ability to generate and manipulate a special strong green acid liquid from weapons to slice with precision or enhance range and power of attacks in multiple ways.

Toxin Manipulation

The ability to generate and manipulate a toxic flammable gas from the mask to combine with ability above or create explosions as well as poison opponents or even propulsing yourself.

Enhanced Weaponry

Armor and weapons are nigh unbreakable and will always be able to handle your poison powers, giving them the rusty design.


The potential to unlock a boundless suit form granting much more speed precision and range while needing a bunch of energy.


User's spirit is gaseous and will not be affected by physical attacks.

Atomic Senses

User can attack and sense at the atomic level, therefore being able to split atoms with enough precision. You also can absorb atomic split power.

Fission and Fusion

By absorbing nuclear power, the user can now slash atoms with such precision and power it creates fissures of energy that can explode, as well as condense attacks via fusion to solidify or merge abilities.

Mercury Mastery

With enough mastery of the spec, the user can manipulate the atomic structure of the mercury element out of thin air, which can be incorporated through attacks via repeated slashing to boost poison potency and explosive force.


  • Segregation Swordsmanship is a combination of all sorts of poisonous powers, weapons and atomic.
  • SS only has two forms.
  • Zodiac comes from Nitrogenic's world and is the first major antagonist encountered.
  • Zodiac is centuries old.