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“If this mirror were clearer i'd be standing so tall!” - Extronaut


This is a stand evolution owned by Extronaut, the abilities are less more than EATEOT but more powerful.


has no current appearance



Able to summon any item or whatever the user likes (not people, theres a separate ability for that.)

Damage block

Blocks 10% of the damage dealt to the user/stand


Ability 1: "What is that noise?"

Make a very loud noise but only the opponent can hear it.

Ability 2: Summon

Summon any entity, creature, person or clone by saying "Who's there?"

Ability 3: Hallucinations

Makes the opponent hallucinate scary stuff.

Ability 4: Control

Basically, able to control a persons body by saying bababoey and pointing at the person you wanna control.

Ability 5: Circle in for the kill.

Send a huge bolt of lightning that disables and badly damages the opponent

Ability 6: Rage

Activates when the user gets hit.

Ability 7: Enough to slip you into a trance.

Throws a bomb at the opponent that instantly fires when it touches them, badly damaging them to the point of almost dying.

Ability 8: "Oh, no, no, oh yeah."

The User pulls out a gun and shoots the opponent (not auto-aim)


  • The stands name is a reference to a song called "Ruler of Everything"
    • It is quite a cynical song.