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“If this mirror were clearer i'd be standing so tall!” - Extronaut


This is a stand evolution owned by Extronaut, the abilities are less more than EATEOT but more powerful.





Able to summon any item or whatever the user likes (not people, theres a separate ability for that.)

Damage block

Blocks 10% of the damage dealt to the user/stand


Ability 1: "What is that noise?"

Make a very loud noise but only the opponent can hear it.

Ability 2: Summon

Summon any entity, creature, person or clone by saying "Who's there?"

Ability 3: Hallucinations

Makes the opponent hallucinate scary stuff.

Ability 4: Control

Basically, able to control a persons body by saying bababoey and pointing at the person you wanna control.

Ability 5: Circle in for the kill.

Send a huge bolt of lightning that disables and badly damages the opponent

Ability 6: Rage

Activates when the user gets hit.

Ability 7: Enough to slip you into a trance.

Throws a bomb at the opponent that instantly fires when it touches them, badly damaging them to the point of almost dying.

Ability 8: "Oh, no, no, oh yeah."

The User pulls out a gun and shoots the opponent (not auto-aim)


  • The stands name is a reference to a song called "Ruler of Everything"
    • It is quite a cynical song.