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"Down at Precinct 49, having a tear gas of a tiiime Lyrics from the song - Rubber Bullets


Rubber Bullets is gamerprah9000's stand.


Rubber Bullets itself does not have a appearance; instead, the clones it produces take the appearance from the user with a green-ish tone.



Rubber Bullets's main ability is cloning the user to attack the enemy, these clones are powerful but they have a downside: the speed and durability. Given that the clones are not very fast, his opponents could catch up to the user and make him weak. As a upside, the clones do not have a limit on summoning and can be summoned for as long as the user can keep summoning them.

Weapon Transport

Rubber Bullets's secondary ability is to transport whatever weapon the user is currently using to the clones.

As an example, the user can be holding a knife and the clones will have that knife too.


  • Rubber Bullets's name comes from the song Rubber Bullets from the band 10cc.
  • The clones being green-ish is a reference to the clones Avalon makes in the game Black Magic 2.