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Mascot Ability
Retro Destroyer is currently featured as a mascot for the wiki on August 13, 2021.


It is a stand used by Spakster.

The original Retro Destroyer. It also has a evolution. Both this stand and its evolution was created on 08/05.


It can place a virus and control the bodies of those with a virus. It uses a controller to control them, if the controller is destroyed, Retro Destroyer will regenerate it. It takes 1 minute for the controller to fully regenerate.


  • This Stand has been reworked multiple times.
  • This stand has 2 deleted evolutions (New game and Cheat codes)
  • This is one of the deadliest close-range stands.
  • Retro destroyer can also place a virus on objects and control them, giving RD some range depending on the arena. This ability makes RD even deadlier.
  • This stand has huge combo potential thanks to it's abilities.