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“Skill issue.” - 1TheDarkOne


Reaper Chariot is a stand that revolves around scythes.


It wields scythes. It has an orange neon Scythe, and wears a hood. It’s main colors are black and orange.

Credit to Inc1ted for the drawing

Passives and Abilities

Passive What it Does
Void Meter
The ability of void meter is that it rises up for every slash. At 75%, it has a 10% chance of a free void slash. At 100%, it will be 5 free void slashes.

Key Description
3 slashes
A strong slash with a small bit of void power.
Reaper Chariot makes a barrier around itself and 1TheDarkOne If anyone attacks the user during gates of hell they will be stunned and hurt by their own attack and a 5th of their health will be drain and your void meter will be charged.
Summons a scythe that cuts off a limb of every player hit by it and knocks them back a huge amount. Missing legs will slow the player and disable their run button until healed or they reset. If they are missing both arms, then they will be unable to block.
Anything that is within 3 feet of the stand or user will be stopped within time.
F (Held Down)
Freezes time 100 feet around the user and 1 choice user 120 feet around the user, avoiding any source of damage.
Traps a target within close proximity into a dark dmesion. This dimension takes a form of a box surrounding the target and will almost completely darken their screen. It will also slow them down until they are attacked.
When Void Meter is fully charged all melee attacks are void powered and they will erase anything, You can only attack 5 times in this mode.


  • This stand was heavily inspired by YBA.
  • The creator deems it as edgy and cringe.
  • A part of it’s moveset references King Crimson Requiem from YBA and Reaper from AUT