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"If you define yourself by your power to take life, your desire to dominate, to possess.... Then you have nothing... " - MaximusTheBlueWolf (Makishimasuzaburūurufu, マキシマスザブルーウルフ)


Protogen Wild Slasher aka Proto Wild Slasher comes from his previous version Wild Slasher: Stars of Hope which got destroyed previously during a tough fight which afterwards will give birth to something utterly new. By ripping his star from it's chest, Wild Slasher: Stars of Hope passed himself to a new Maximus from another Universe, in this case this Maximus has 25% of the original Maximus that had Wild Slasher: Stars of Hope, Wild Slasher also had a new design that shows that he is something new, currently Proto Wild Slasher shares similar abilities with Wild Slasher: Stars of Hope but 65% of Wild Slasher: Stars of Hope original abilities are currently blocked for Proto Wild Slasher but he is getting them back through training and experiences.


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Matter Control

Protogen Wild Slasher has the ability to control matter to a sub-atomic level being able to create, reshape, erase, move and transform matter, is pretty similar to the ability of Wild Slasher and Wild Slasher: Stars of Hope.

Universal Cosmic Energy Measurer

Something that makes this Wild Slasher different than the rest is that he has a Universal Cosmic Energy measurer which shows how much Universal Cosmic Energy he is using when he uses his matter control ability, the more Universal Cosmic Energy he uses the stronger he will become, this might give him some side effects but allows him to use his ability a lot more in terms of range and magnitude. This also allows him to be faster and stronger reaching levels of speed that go beyond any speed measurer, this drains his stamina very quickly if he doesn't use it properly.

Body Detachment

This Wild Slasher has the weird ability to detach certain parts of his body in case he is trapped or requires more range which also works perfectly for surprise attacks.