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"Go ahead, show me this power of yours. Or are you having wise second thoughts of giving up?" - Camella


null_zero is the stand of Camella.


null_zero appears to have bright, neon outlines on their body. Their body itself is black. They have 3 white, neon belts overlapping eachother on their waist, and a black, white oulined witch hat.



This is the ability to invert anything the user wishes. The ability's cooldown is 6 hours, meaning it is usually only used once per fight.

  • Time Inversion

Shows the future in 5 years to the user and their opponent. This can be used to predict their opponent's move and counter it, altering time.

  • Attack Inversion

Reflects the damage of the attack to the sender.


null_zero has claws which can be used to cut things and can be thrown. These can be regenerated.


  • A lot of null_zero's inspiration comes from Silver Chariot Requiem.
  • null_zero is supposed to be a WW2 experiment led by Camella's grandfather.
    • The stand was later passed on to his grandson in his final moments.