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"Go ahead, show me this power of yours. Or are you having wise second thoughts of giving up?" - Camella


null_zero is the stand of Camella. This stand was invented as a WW2 weapon, and Camella's grandfather used it in its weaker version. When they pose, it plays this song.


null_zero appears to have a black body and a black top hat with a white band. They have neon white boots, neon white claws, and a cloak on their back,



This is the ability to invert some things the user wishes. The ability's cooldown is 6 hours, meaning it is usually only used once per fight.

  • Time Inversion

Time rewinds by 7 seconds, and the user and NZ can damage people's souls in this state. To others the user and NZ just teleport, and they do not know that time was inverted. When TI is over, after 2 seconds instead of the victim being at their original position, they will be at the position and state their soul was at. The Soul is usually just an outline of white only visible in TI, but if the soul is hit with knockback, they can move out of their original position.

  • Attack Inversion

Reflects the damage of the attack to the sender. This also switches positions.


null_zero has claws which can be used to cut things and can be thrown. These can be regenerated.


  • A lot of null_zero's inspiration comes from Silver Chariot Requiem.
  • null_zero is supposed to be a WW2 experiment led by Camella's grandfather.
    • The stand was later passed on to his grandson in his final moments.