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"what the hell is this" - No0b019298


Noob Ultimate is the evolved stand of No0b019298.

Noob Ultimate is a close-ranged stand, now evolved similiar to GER but a lot weaker. It still has its previous powers, controlling gravity, but with better controls.

Noob Ultimate stand is obtained by completing No0bman's quest.


Noob Ultimate's appearance is an armoured noob wearing a pot, with a larger red backpack on its back.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
Gravity Control
The user's will gain extra jump height and less gravity when falling.
Passive B
Because of intense training, you cannot trade this stand.
Passive C
Anyone who walks behind Noob will enter its backpack. Entering the backpack will disable your entire moveset until you get out

Name Description Damage Cooldown
Evolved OOF Barrage
Noob Ultimate sends 50 punches at the opponent, each punch has a very small chance to deal double damage.
Good Strength
4.5 damage per punch
3 seconds
Evolved BRUH Strike
Noob Ultimate strikes the opponent with a very strong punch, dealing godly damage to whoever it hit.
Godly Strength
45 damage
5 seconds
Knife Throw
Noob Ultimate quickly throws 3 knives, travelling at moderate speed and dealing moderate damage to whoever is hit, but if all knives are hit, it will do great damage.
Moderate Damage
15 damage per knife
3.5 seconds
Greater Gravity Shifting
Noob Ultimate sets low gravity for anyone in the user's radius(larger than its previous form), except for the user who is not affected but instead gains a speed and jump boost.
No damage
30 seconds
Heart Inversion
Noob Ultimate punches the opponent's chest and inverts their hearts dealing incredible damage.
Incredible Damage
75 damage
60 seconds
Empty Backpack
Noob Ultimate emptys its backpack, making everyone in the backpack exit.
No Damage


5 seconds
The user uses Noob Ultimate's gravity controlling to dash forward and farther.
No Damage
Stand Jump
Normal stand jump but with more horizontal distance.
No Damage
10 seconds