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"Yeah! I own my own store company now!" -Chezz/Collin


NIBS, Noob Industries™ Bunker Store is a HUGE bomb shelter, like CBT Bunker Diner. It is usages are: At first a bomb shelter, then an ammunition storage, then an arena, then a gang base, and finally a store. This place is owned by Chezz and his company, Noob Industries™.


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History (Based off my work in progress comic series)

  • 1939, the building is built as a bomb shelter as the second world war had just started.
  • 1945, September 2nd, the war ends, and the bunker falls into disuse as Hawthorne was never attacked.
  • 1957, people started it using as an ammunition storage.
  • 1986, The Experiment II starts, and many sub-human creatures, Noobs were made.
  • 1987, A gang broke out in Hawthorne and they discovered about this place and they took over it.
  • 1989, The Noob Clan, started by Noobin Frank I finds about this and they, together with the Dummy Occult, lead by Dumi Verdin take over this place and turns it into a wrestling arena.
  • 1990, the place falls into disuse yet again.
  • 2018, Chezz leaves his home with some friends and discovers about this abandoned place. The 3 of them makes this place their new "home" and starts their own company and store.


  • This is a canon building in Chezz's very own work in progress comic series, "The Bizarre Day"
  • The name Noobin Franks is based of the name of Pepin III, king of the Franks.
  • Noob Industries™ is also a canon company in Chezz's comic series.
  • Noob Industries™ came from my uncle's old small company, Noon Industries™.
  • Madness Combat was the reason I put this place in Nevada.
Assembly Building
CBT Bunker Diner
Mercantile Building
Jejland Homestore - Noob Industries™ Bunker Store