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"You broke this world, lies unfold. Chaos whirls and the truths will show. "

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mus_smile is the result of a alternative post-apocalyptic reality, affecting (and slightly caused by) the stand Abc_123a.ogg once the user was killed, but by unknown means was revived in a different body by the usage of their stand.


The stand is technically part of the users mind, having no physical appearance other than what it creates.


The stand is capable of a high level of Psychokinetic Visualization, basically taking out certain parts of reality and searching for a parallel universe where that place, object, or thing is what the user wants it to be at that moment of time fusing them together to make a different object, however for this change to happen the user must have a already strong connection to said object things like a family relic, close friends, and commonly visited places are examples of needed familiarity with it. When a item created, the original version is not erased as said before the object contains properties of what existed before along with the alternate version of it, if used on a person they will also retain memories and a few crucial features of their pasts selves. Locations are effected in much stranger ways often causing confusing layouts and even strange warps in time and space inside those areas.