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“Today's broadcast!” - M.I.T


Like the stand Super Fly the stand takes the appearance of a existing object, a giant radio tower that shows up wherever the user goes though Non-Stand users cannot see the tower making you look insane if you try to point it out to anybody but Stand Users.


The stand is automatically turned once a day activating it's abilities. The user can also choose when this happens but is not aware of the events that the said activation will bring making it a Double Edged sword in some situations.

The stand will still take place if the user is unconscious, sleeping or anything that would normally make someones ability turn off, and for the Tower to appear in a General area the user has to at least have been there for 2 days.


Incident Broadcasts

As stated before, everyday the Tower will broadcast a random event the only people being able to hear this are the people going to be affected and any stand user present. After 30 minutes of it being said the event will take place.

All the events have in common the usage of two abilities.

  • Logic Distortion (Defying what should be logically possible even in the world of Jojo)
  • Causality Manipulation (allowing them to decide what happens and what doesn't, when and how. There is no need for a "why" )

These events seem to be random but always targets a different group of people the effects are unseen by anybody unaffected but it effects Stand Users and Non-Stand users indiscriminately.

Examples of some incidents are:

  • The Upside Down Incident
  • The Zombie Reversal Effect
  • Fictional Reality

Musical Reference


The Caretaker - Misplaced in time


  • The stand is obviously a reference to Trollge incidents lo.
  • The stand is meant to be some Daily antagonist for a story.