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"Birb hahahahaha" ~ Iammartyb 私はマーティビーです

Summary / Appearance

Midnight vultures is a human like stand that wears a visor like head accessory. It has giant wings coming from the back, and shovel like hands. The Stand also has a mini cape coming from the waist on the backside, and a broken egg on the chest. The Stand has the ability to control nearby birds and use them to it's will. It also can fly, and fly quite far from the stand user.

Movesets / Abilities

Passive A: "My wings take me anywhere!" - When the user is in the air, they may press the space bar as many times as they want to double jump.

Q - Summon Stand: The user summons Midnight Vultures.

E - Fast Jabs: Midnight Vultures Rushes forward unleashing a furry of fast jabs in front of it, dealing 5 damage each hit.

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