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The stand’s appearance is one of a hunched over butler, which has a jewel as a face, and mittens as hands, the stand has a hat which has removable $ signs, which can be used as throwing knifes, the stand user does not control this stand, as the the stand user just believes that everything going their way is through luck, the stand tries to protect and better the life of his owner at all costs, using unconventional means of protection.

Inside of the jewel of the stand, is a clock, which controls his Time Choosing ability.


Have these, buy yourself something nice

The stand grabs the $ signs on its hat as throwing knifes, the knives aren’t very sharp but can be used as a distraction to protect the user.

I have to throw myself to protect him

LSA uses his sharp metal hat to stab an opponent, with LSA having to literally throw himself at the opponents.

This deal can, and will go better/ Time choosing

LSA opens his eye-like jewel, to reveal a clock, which he uses to choose a space in time, and enter and pilot a person’s body, making them do what the stand user wants them to do, this ability can only be used when the user really wants something to happen.


A handdrawn image of LSA