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"Flip." -(Tart, リエナ)


Little Lion is the first stand created by TartCrimson originating from Kal's Storylines.


The stand now has it's hood completely removed revealing a pure white face similar to Tart's and long pink braided hair tucked into a puffy hood of it's large winter coat completely covering whatever is under the coat and grey metal boots with a star design, the stand rarely takes outs its hands and tends to use it's feet when i physical combat the stand also wears two hair pins time to time.


Little Lion has the ability to create small Planetoid like objects which gradually gain Gravitational Pull the user can individually pick what objects are affected by this Planetoid in a 20 meter radius the pull can be stopped by destroying the Planetoid though it's a very durable force most likely only to be stopped from many large attacks being shot at it at once.


When using the Center ability the Planetoid can be changed in different ways upon being summoned from the naming range being Type's C-A.


Type-C is the most basic type of Gravitational Pull it is noticeably weaker then every other Type and even the normal one though it takes much more stamina.

Type-C is instead of a Planetoid a small invisible Black Hole like object is formed this simply drags in objects nearby with a small amount of pressure though a noticeable pull this can be used to keep the user in the air, drag objects into the users hands, move objects away from the user, and ETC.


Type-B is differed from the rest. it grants the user the power to attract and repulse in a stronger manner.

Type-B is a power based, attraction and repulsion ability this can attract objects from a far place almost as someone is pulling you by the neck straight to the user and repulse Target's in a way that seems a strong gust of air is pushing you back these powers however are limited to just the users palms and activated by making a fist motion.


Type-A is the strongest and extremely destructive Type known as only a Last Resort and Final Attack due to the great Stamina Cost and the power of the ability itself.

Type-A is the final Type this type looks similar to the Basic Version of the ability but the Planetoid is greatly larger when this is sent into the air it will start attracting all objects in the Area into the planetoid with not even the user as an exception (Though they can escape before full activation) this takes up the entire landscape until the Force stops it pull. this creates giant ball inside the air made up of everything in the area this on normal circumstances would kill any human involved due to the many pounds of rubble completely crushing them after completion the objects will fall down again creating a desolate waste land of broken objects and rubble.