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I'll do that one then, gimme some minutes - SpiderGirlFan (Supaidāgārufan, スパイダーガールファン)


Lame Romance is a stand used by SpiderGirlFan. It’s ability is to separate or connect things.


The first part (The Helmet) appears as something you’d wear on it’s head. It is also connected to 2 arms. The rods connecting the arms appear similar to the human skeleton’s arms. It’s color is cyan.


This stand can separate objects, the separation longs 30 seconds, after these 30 seconds the object will join again by itself being dragged to where it belongs.

This stand can also join or gather objects, this ability lasts forever, so he can heal and reattach limbs or any other injury, making this an support and combat stand type.

It's abilities works on the user, the separation doesn't make the objective bleed or feel pain, it just disables him. this stand is very usefull against physically strong stands because it can be used as a shield thanks to it's durability.