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"ROAR" -Animal King


Interspecies is the control over the milleniums of all lifeforms that have existed on the soil of a planet called Earth, evolving into a certain Avatar from the deities who protects nature from the future. This person is known as the Animal king Pecies.


Interspecies has an infinite possibility of forms. Pecies will often been seen as having the best animal properties of each, being bipedal and a ground creature most likely. He won't be seen as an insect or amphibian though.


Adaptation (passive)

User will automatically react to environments and damage it takes to use the best properties to defend and damage them. It will stimulate its brain to respond quicker and smarter even.

Animal Characteristics Pool

The ability to use any animal characteristic and combine them together, example the strength of an ant and the poison of a frog.

Friend of Nature

Being in a known climate like the forest will trigger more efficiency and the user cannot be harmed really by plant/solar/water/wind related attacks if adapted.

Primal Forms

The potential to use ancient forms that will exaggerate the characteristics of animals in exchange for tapping into natural instincts. This can allow for even alienic and mythological simulations.


The potential to use the elements of the Earth to fuel attacks, such as sediments, plants, but most notably air and water.


Regenerate more minor wounds and ignore grave damage with instincts.


  • No furries allowed