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"Why don't you remember it again?" - TartCrimson (Tarutokurimuzon, タルトクリムゾン)


His Theme is the Stand of TartCrimson. Manifested in the Main Timeline.


The Stand takes the appearance of a a Golden Stop watch using Roman Numerals. The end of the watch has a pink heart at the end of the chain.


Temporal Replay Effect

Once someone has a line of words in their Vision they can replay the vision an infinite amount of times in a moment. This causes the Moment to be burnt into the Victims subconscious this ability can cause a change of mind such as showing someone a sign "Not eating is common sense." would eventually cause the person to stop eating it until the User wills the effect to stop. This acts as inserting commands into ones head it can cause things such as "You do NOT have the ability to stop time" to disable peoples abilities and so forth.