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“The power of hell's flames are amazing.” - Hell's Revenge (Heruzuribenji, ヘルズリベンジ)


Hell's Revenge is a fire stand that uses flames as it's ability.


Hell's Revenge is a demon with horns that have fire on top of them. It's legs are also fire. It has a muscular body and it's face has 3 eyes.



You barrage the enemy, each punch burns the enemy.

Flame Smash

You grab the enemy and choke them, while burning them, then slam them onto the ground.

Demon Minions

You summon 4 demons from hell to help you. Once they lose all there HP, they return back to hell.

Defensive Flame

You summon a random demon's arm to protect you with his elbow that is covered in flames.

Demon Flight

You hop on the back of your stand and your stand starts flying.

Devil's Path

You smash the ground, bursting fire in a path in front of you.

"Go to Hell..."

You summon a demon that drags the opponent straight to hell. They get tortured in hell and so on.