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"What part of our fight makes you think that I'm running? That I'm saving my own skin? In reality, you're the one who should be running." -Mr. Bull


It is a stand which uses teleportation as a utility.


It's most significant trait are it's eyes other than that, it is shown that Green Eyed Cowboy bears robotic golden arms, with a green cape. It wears a blue Stetson with grey horns on top with them and glasses with green horns sticking out of them. It's clothes are blue on the bottom and a darker shade on the chest area where is also shows some of its medals and buttons.



Self-explanatory, this is also its main ability.


It is able to move itself and the user wherever he wants to move it, however, it is unable to move other objects if he is unable to see it. This also means that the user can only teleports object to the area that he sees.


Green Eyed Cowboy can create portals if needed to support larger object, but it might take a minute or two.


The user is able to fuse items together.


The user can bring items that have been lost back to the other person or himself if they item have been lost 10 minutes prior.


  • Green Eyed Cowboy has two weaknesses, one is that it can't teleport items it can't see and the other one is that it can't teleport items it lost after 10 minutes have happened.
  • ts song reference is from the song Jesse James but there was a animated music video with Green Eyed Cowboy as the name and I chose that name.
  • Its good for close and long ranged attacks.
  • The concept art was made by Tio.
  • It's first name was going to be Wild Side.
  • It was created at 10/5/2020.