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"Set Your Heart Ablaze!" -Kyojuro Rengoku


Flaming Star is a stand that excels in Speed and Power. Its main ability is burning its opponents. The flames have an incredible emission of heat, but can be extinguished and burns out quickly.

This stand is very Similar to Magicians Red and Star Platinum, for it is a heavy hitter, and can burn opponents. The Stand isn't immune to it's own fire, and has an inflammable outer similar to Silver Chariot's armor, but will catch melt if subjected to the flames for too long or if the flames are too strong.


This humanoid type of stand consists of Flames coming out of its arms and body, and a flaming sword on its back.


This stand is extremely Fast and hits heavy, and also has a special ability that can disintegrate whatever it touches as long as the user wishes to. It can also form flaming tornados, and use its flames as a projectile.

Examples of Flaming Star's attacks

Flaming Barrage

Flaming Star throws an extremely fast but precise barrage of powerful punches to pulverize an opponent or destroy objects and if the user wishes so, inflict burns on the opponent.

Flaming Spear

Flaming Star creates a Spear created out of Flames, then throws the spear at the target.

Flaming Tornado

The stand spins around and projects a flaming tornado in front of them.

Flaming Heave

Flaming Star brings back its right arm for a short period of time, then punching the enemy with all its might.

Almighty Flames

Flaming Star spews out high pressurized flames towards its opponent, trapping the opponent in its attack until it ends.

The Sword of the Guardian

Flaming Star pulls the flaming sword on its back as a last resort when it gets exhausted from its flames. This Flaming sword is said to be almost hot as magma.


  • This stand's appearance is based off from Magicians Red and Star Platinum from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and The Gate Guardian from SCP.