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Fatal Cemetery is a stand used by FluffyTail45. It is similar to Purple Haze, causing decay and infections.


Fatal Cemetery resembles a Plague Doctor, wearing a black cloak, whilst also having antlers peeking out of the hood. Fatal Cemetery has hair underneath the hood, along with a proper face.

Passives & Ability:

Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
Dawdling Death
User's attacks linger on and spread for a while once landed.
Passive B
Poisoning Strikes
After a while the decaying effect slowly takes a toll on the target making them feel sick/dizzy.
Passive C
Laced Shield
User can cover their body with Fatal Cemetery's decay ability and it can spread onto others once the user is hit.
Passive D
Bonus Infliction
The decay Fatal Cemetery inflicts can detach limbs if the area where they're attached is fully decayed.

Fatal Cemetery can make anything decay at the will of its hands. The smaller the object/target is the faster it'll be to completely kill the target. The bigger the target is the more the decay needs to spread. (The only way to truly stop the spreading is to wait until it slows down and eventually stops or cut off the body-part).