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“The lord of elementals, the lord of stands, same shit innit?”


FOB: IC Is the evolution of Nitrogenic's stand Fall Out Boy after he combines it with his spec to focus on a single power during one of his biggest fights in BC Season 6 (maybe). It retains the armored/armament appearance mixed with an icy and fiery texture signature of Nitro.


Frostfire Aegis

Stand automatically in enveloped in a suit of fire and ice creating a purple exterior, temperatures starting in the 2000 Celsius, easily absorbs most standard attacks (95-99% damage reduction) and damages enemies.

"I control, no I AM the 3 states of matter!"

Solid, liquid and gaseous attacks that hit it are converted into Shatter Energy, creating a fissure crack like effect on its right arm the more it has.

"What I cannot fully comprehend, I will destroy!"

Ionized (lasers or plasma), mental and magical attacks that affect/hit it are converted into Ignite Energy, creating an ashy ember like effect on its left arm the more it has.

"Evolution of the Stand species."

Stand can combine heat, cold and energy attacks without them nullifying each other.


This Stand has the abilities mentioned above as well as being able to generate heat, cold up to the tens of thousands depending on the amount of energy it has.

It retains the shock absorption ability but is boosted through its much more solid armor included with offensive abilities such as burning opponents. It can also shift weight into a single contact point with less precision due to the temperatures surrounding it but being much more deadly with its elemental abilities' maximum power/defense.

Shatter Energy can create a breaking freeze attack with most objects to a more powerful/bigger extent the more energy it has. Ignite Energy will create burn attacks with embers and smoke already formed and high heat in the same way Shatter does.

Both energies have no known limit of containment, although it shouldn't stretch past continental level.

The attacks it can absorb will still affect it, but with a much more shortened time.

The only real downside is that Nitrogenic isn’t very used to using his spec and stand combined, so the abilities of both cannot be fully utilized, but still nevertheless a near impossible stand to defeat without a powerful hack.


  • This is a fusion of Nitro's former stands and spec