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“There is a limit to peace, tranquility, those who are not worthy shall suffer the atrocities of their crimes through the armament”


Fall Out Boy: Centuries Armament is Fall Out Boy's other mode. Basically instead of shield and armour covering Fall Out Boy, his two arms now have big metal blades instead and the shield torso and back is replaced by a spiky version. Shockwaves can now have an air slash/pierce effect. Rules from previous stand apply. He cannot switch form without releasing his kinetic energy first.


Defense is the best offense!

Stand takes around 50 to 75 percent less damage from non magical attacks, solids are the most resistant and energy are the least from this range.


Attacks inflicted upon itself are converted into kinetic energy which can be used to greatly increase the pressure and power of attacks as well as make decent sized shockwaves. The limit to this containment is very hard to reach in a single attack.


Weight of the World

The Stand can shift all weight and momentum into a single contact point, greatly boosting damage outputs as well as benefiting from aerial attacks and gravity.

Double Edge

The Stand can switch between Armour and Armament modes for more versatility.

Offense is the best Defense

FOB's design is so hollowfied and concentrated into weapons that its air waves now are deadlier and can slice/pierce through opponents instead of a blunt feel.


  • This Stand is a reference to Out Boy - Centuries.
  • The Stand's cry are: "Motto Motto Motto Motto!"