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The stand takes the appearance of a black mass of flame with red fading outlines, it wears black suit and bow-tie with the same exact color scheme as well. It wears a Red Halo on top of it's head often being taken off at random occasions.


The stand seems to be calm, but self centered and manipulative even to it's own master. Though sometimes it seems to show genuine kindness to people for some unknown reason. BUT like any other stand it has to follow the master's will.


You Do Not have Haki

The stand is made out of a Flame Mass though touching it cannot hurt you, it can't be damaged unless you use Energy such as Light, other Flames and ETC.

Personal Physics

User can manipulate their personal physics in any way. This ranges from Sound, magnetism, gravity, inertia, density, friction, electricity, probability and so on. However this ability can obviously not affect any other people and this cannot be used to a point where it affects anyone outside of themselves.


  • If not obvious, this stands appearance and overall personality is inspirited by The Auditor.
  • Despite the stand user being female, the stand identifies itself as Male.
  • The actual Madness Combat episode "Expurgation" is completely centered around Tricky, not the Auditor.
  • Funny can not legally r63 this stand, if he does i will snap his neck.


Warning: The Madness Combat Series is lightly Gorey, if even that is to uncomfortable do not watch the Episode. (The music is fine.)