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“launch_engram:()” - Enter The Engram (Enguramu ni hairu, エングラムに入る)


Enter The Engram is a robotic stand uses a dagger and a chain with a spike. He also uses his third eye for abilities.


Enter The Engram is a robot that has a dark cape and metal armor. He uses his metal arm which has a chain and a spike. He also uses his dagger. Enter The Engram uses 3 eyes and his third eye gives him abilities.



You extend of your chain and impale the opponent through the chest. Then bring the opponent towards you.

Torso Stab

You stab the opponent in the side of their torso with your dagger.

Punch + Dagger Combo

You throw your dagger in the air and punch rapidly with your left arm, then grab your dagger from the air and stabbing the opponent.

Eye Seeker: Flames of the Underworld

You use your third eye to enchant your weapons with white flames. If this flames touch anyone, they will burn in white flames.

Eye Seeker: Endless Suffering

You use your third eye to make the opponent's vision black and white and they burn in white flames, not able to move. Once this ability, the third eye fades away.

Eye Seeker: Anger of a Demon

This move is similar to a rage mode. Once you use this move, Your chain with a spike and dagger disappears and your fists become white flames. This form is temporary and once it is done, you become really tired and your chain and spike and dagger reappears.


  • The old name was supposed to be The Punisher, but I thought of another name.
  • This is based of a SARB character, called Engram.
  • I tried to keep it as robot as possible, but went off course.