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“You bring out the best in me, it's Elemental!” - Elena Siegman


Elemental Pop is a stand based around elements, with a medium range of effects.


Elemental Pop takes the form of a robotic humanoid with a "PLASMA MK2" TV for a head. There is no company known for the model of the head.

Elemental Pop wears a bright white suit, similar to Who's Who.

Unlike Who's Who, Elemental Pop lacks eyes completely.


The Power Of The Elements

Elemental Pop possesses the ability to use multiple different elements for different uses.

These elements cannot be fully controlled, as they can harm the user, but can be set up in certain ways to still work in situations.

Elemental Touch

Elemental Pop's access to elements is controlled through the user(and the stand's) hands. This can be compared to Fatal Cemetery's ability, and how it works.

Napalm Blast

Elemental Pop utilizes it's ability to create a explosion that creates flames within it's range. This ability can harm the user.


Elemental Pop can freeze an area within it's range, similar to Napalm Blast, this can be compared to a canon stand, White Album.

Shatter Blast

Elemental Pop utilizes it's hands, to make things explode. This can be compared to Killer Queen, however, this does not fully erase things, just explosions.


  • This Stand's musical reference is The Elemental Pop Perk Jingle.
  • This Stand does not possess a Stand Cry.
  • The TV head is actually functional. It can run videos in 4K. Like Who's Who.
  • Elemental Pop is a self-aware stand, similar to Spice Girl.