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“You know what's more funny? My Stand fists going towards to your face.” - Bread


Dusk Spear is a sentient close-range Stand that belongs to Bread. The Stand itself has its own personality and has more reflexes than its user.


Dusk Spear is a humanoid stand that's a bit taller than its user. Dusk Spear wears a scarf and bandages wrapped around its neck and arms. Dusk Spear also has a shape like line on its face.


The Resistance

Any abilities, moves and anything that is able to harm, affect and effect the stand or Its user will not work. Dusk Spear can use this ability for 8.5 seconds


  • Dusk Spear can change its line on its face
  • Dusk Spear can speak with a voice that is similar to its user voice
  • The design is similar to Star Platinum
  • Any strong evolved Stands can easily bypass Dusk Spear main ability
  • The scarf and the line on its face are the same color scheme