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"Let's get this over with." - Needle ( Hari, 針)


Deadly Fist is a spec that has the ability to fight with acid on it's hands.


Black and green gloves with emeralds and green flames on them.


[Passive] Deadly Acid

Every attack deals acid damage, It weakens the opponent's stand by 10% and deals continuous damage. The more attacks that land, the passive increases.

Acidic Right Hook

Throw a acid right hook at the enemy.

Acid Blast

Shoot acid beam out of your palm.

Acid Slam

Jump into the air, and slam down creating a acid pool.

Acidic Choke

Grab the opponent up into the air, and choke them, and throw them. This move deals rapid damage.

"You are weak!"

Grab the enemy, slam them down, drag them through the ground, while running, them slam them again.

Acid Hyper Mode

Your gloves turn red and poison becomes even more deadly. This mode lasts for 10 minutes.

Acid Hyper Mode Abilities

Hyper Acid Blast

Shoot a red acid beam out of your palm. Thie acid is very powerful.

Hyper Acid Slam

Jump into the air, and then slam down creating a red acid pool. The acid is very poweful.

"This is your last breath."

Grab them, hold them up into the air, and shoot a red acid beam through their chest.


  • The "You are weak!" move is based off a brawler move in Roblox fightin game.