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Bake you in a in a solid encasing drown you frozen frozen in your own tears infiltrate you burst your burst your vital organs I control what you feel what you breathe when you live! - placeholder


Cryopyre elemental power is the result of a human blessed with fiery divine powers from the clan of flames successfully breeding with the human blessed with frosty divine powers. The chances of success are normally impossible, hence why Nash Rayle/Nitrogenic is the only known user. This power is very powerful even in its base form, allowing the user to manipulate heat cold fire and ice through molecules and thanks to their DNA they don't affect each other. They can also transform their body parts into respective temperature based elements.


Cryopyre has the appearance of a fire/ice mixture on the body, making it a bright, flaming, and reflective appearance and having the fire and ice wrap around their body whoever has it.


Fire and heat manipulation

The ability to manipulate fire to whatever level.

Ice and cold manipulation

The ability to manipulate ice to whatever level.


Literally fly.


The potential to unlock higher forms with more power.


  • Idk ask Nitro the trivia he knows all the cool stuff.