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"Ok I will yes you in the yes" - DestructiveSomething (Hakai-tekina nanika, 破壊的な何か)


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They appear very similar to original forms (Whitesnake and C-Moon). Only difference is the crusader helmet and sword.



Gravity Nullification: Most knockback attacks will not affect Crusader Moon meaning that he cannot get ragdolled at all.


Name Description Damage Cooldown
Heavy Punch
Destructive throws a punch wearing holy gold knuckles and punch the enemy making them have a strong headache.
Good Damage
10 damage
5 seconds
Crusader Boost
Destructive like the other crusaders will have a power up thanks to their determination and their attacks and speed will increase 1.5x times more. This last for 20 seconds.
25 seconds
Holy Shotgun
Destructive will pull out of nowhere a shotgun that will deal massive damage to whoever gets in the way.
Superior Damage
60 damage
15 seconds

Name Description Damage Cooldown
Gravitational Sword Barrage
Crusader Moon will pull out his sword and throw a powerful barrage that deals a lot of damage.
Godly Strength
6.25 damage
8 seconds
Gravity Strike
Crusader Moon will throw a punch covered in holy water that will send them flying away and they will recive extra damage a little bit later after the punch because of the holy water.
Superior Damage
First strike 40 damage, second strike 10 damage
5 seconds
Gravitational Shotgun
Destructive will pull out his trusty shotgun but this time his damage will be enhanced thanks to Crusader Moon's Gravity power meaning that anyone who gets hit by the bullet will start floating for some time.
Godly Damage
80 damage
6.5 seconds
Gravity Boost
Crusader Moon will make himself faster and make his own gravity less heavy making him float most of the time. This last for 20 seconds.
30 seconds
Penis Reversion
Crusader Moon will target his enemy's penis and reverse them making an indescriptible pain.
Godly Damage
90 damage damage
16 seconds
Gravity Control
Crusader Moon will screw up with gravity making everything have less gravity than usual. This last fpr 20 seconds.
40 seconds
Ultimate Thot Punch
This Finisher only works when Gravity Control is active, this makes any kind of thot to be erradicated from existance by blowing up their unholy hearts out of their body.
Unbound Damage
150 damage
20 seconds
Small Dash
Crusader Moon will make a small gravitational dash foward in case he is in danger.
8 seconds